FOAMdation has been established with aim of providing information for our audience. We do not profess to be experts in what we present and should not be treated as such. What we present is our interpretation of information and evidence and should not be taken as advice to alter clinical practise. We hope that the content produced stimulates audience members to seek out further information themselves,  discuss with seniors at their place of work and make their own decisions about application of it.

Whilst this project receives support from the Countess of Chester Hospital, the content produced does not represent the views or opinions of the hospital or staff represented by it. The FOAMdation team does not stand to gain financially from this project.

Where links are present to other sources of information, this is information that we have found useful in developing our content and audience members should vet the sources themselves. Where external content is provided, it does not represent an endorsement or recommendation of this content unless explicitly stated.

If you find inaccuracies or feel content needs alteration, please inform us immediately so we can work with you as quickly as possible to rectify this.

Declaration of competing interests: none of those acting as editors or contributors stand to gain in any financial manner from this production. It goes without saying that through public exposure, the profile of those contributing will inevitably be raised, however that is not the focus of FOAMdation. All those who do contribute do so in their own time, without reimbursement and out of good will. We do receive funding from the Countess of Chester Hospital Medical Education Department, however we retain editorial control over content.