#Hellomynameis…… FOAMdation

Hi there!

Welcome to FOAMdation.

We are a new free, open access medical education (FOAM) resource aimed at Foundation Doctors in the UK, those at the very beginning of their careers in the medical world. Our goal is a simple one: bring up to date knowledge on subjects our audience want to hear and read about to them.

Collectively, we are a group of junior doctors in the UK across a range of specialties. We range from some still in the infancy of their career to those already embarked on specialty training paths. All of us have the same interest, one of practicing evidence based medicine, informed by current evidence and guidelines and a desire to use our own experiences and knowledge to aid the development of others.

The birth of FOAM and the online community that follows the movement has broadened the educational opportunities for healthcare professionals substantially. However, little exists that focusses on the needs of those at the beginning of training. Medical school is constrained by it’s own curriculum and results in a steep learning curve when transitioning from theory to application. Those who begin as a doctor quickly discover aspects of the job that they wish to know more about but can sometimes lack the time and energy to delve into the evidence behind how and why we work as we do and the decisions taken. Which is where FOAMdation comes in.

We will take the subjects that matter and our audience want to know more about and delve into the evidence for them and seek opinions from experts in the fields covered. These will be a mixture of clinical and non-clinical across a wide range of specialties. Some will be areas where we fell foul as doctors or they may be areas that we feel are too important not to cover. We aim to go beyond the teaching platform and curriculum that exists for Foundation Doctors in order to supplement and augment the learning of junior doctors.

We cannot undertake this mission without you, our audience. We want to hear from you if there is anything that you feel needs to be covered. If you have come across an interesting piece of research that changed your practice, sparked discussion or is just too important to ignore then we would love to know about it. If there is an area that you are just curious about and want to know about a particular aspect then we can help.

Every 2 weeks will be the release of a new podcast and post to go with it. Please subscribe to our iTunes feed in order to get the latest one without searching. Follow us on twitter @FOAMdation, like our Facebook page and email us Tell us what you want to hear and we will endeavor to deliver. Similarly, if you feel there are adjustments we need to make then we would like to know!

Please remember to FOAM responsibly. All content we produce is the opinion of the people featured only and does not constitute evidence or guidance designed to alter your practice. We seek to inform and signpost our audience to matters that matter to them, it is down to you as an educated individual to form your own opinions and discuss what you find with your colleagues and seniors about the merits of it.

We owe our gratitude to the Medical Education Department at the Countess of Chester Hospital (COCH), England for their support in producing this project.

Listen to the first podcast for FOAMdation and a brief explanation of the project and upcoming episodes.


Speak soon,

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